Our group is committed to recording and publishing our history to preserve it for future generations.

During the pandemic, with group meetings and trips on hold, our Book Publishing team remained committed to compiling and printing an assortment of publications to help spread the historical knowledge of our area.

The following are some of the publications that we have currently available. They can be purchased via PayPal (click information buttons below) or by contacting us at bdhgbookseller@aol.com

Broughton: Then & Now

The Moss Valley Clearances

Broughton Stores

Broughton Cemetery


Wally’s War

St Peter’s Church

The Brake

Reflections of Religion

Reflections of Brymbo & Lodge

Tanyfron Roll of Honour

Dark Clouds Over Summer

The John Bagshaw Drawing Collection

Register of Persons 1913

For further information about the books or to arrange alternative payment methods, please contact our bookseller, Ros White.